Adventure Close to Home: Your Montana Three-day Weekend Getaway

For many people, summer vacation may look different this year. Due to time, budget and comfort levels, lots of folks will be choosing to spend time close to home. Luckily for us, staying close to home in the summer is easy with rugged, beautiful landscapes that fill up our backyards. For our fellow Montanans, we’re offering getaways close to home with pack-supported trips in the form of three-day weekend trips. Each long weekend offering will take you and your traveling pals to beautiful destinations within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex that are 6 to 9 miles from Benchmark along the West Fork and South Forks of the Sun River.

The trips kick off in early June and are pack-supported, which means we haul in your gear and you hike in along a well-maintained trail with two options to choose from: fully supported and partially supported trips.

Fully Supported Trips
Our fully-supported pack trips include:
-We pack your gear in and out
-We supply camp equipment
-We feed you meals (dinner on day one; three meals on day two; and breakfast and lunch on day three)
Cost: $800 per person

Partially Supported Trips
Our partially supported trips include:
-We pack your gear in and out
-You supply the food, equipment and cook
Cost: $500 per person

For more information or to book a long weekend hiking trip in The Bob, contact us here or call us at 406-562-3576.

Until next time,

The Mills Family