Meet Blacktail Ranch and Lodge, the Newest Addition to Mills Wilderness Adventures

Over the last few months, we’ve had some amazing things happening behind the scenes at Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana and have been looking forward to being able to share more with you. And while we’re out of the backcountry for two days in between our summer trips to White River, we thought this was the perfect time to share the news.

Starting in January 2023, we will take over year-round operations at Blacktail Ranch and it will be known as Blacktail Ranch and Lodge!

If you’ve been keeping up with us for the last couple of years, you likely know that we have been offering guided hunts during the fall at the lodge. Blacktail Ranch is a short drive from our homebase in Augusta, Montana, and has been in operation for more than 50 years, where they have been welcoming guests to thousands of acres of some of the prettiest scenery in the country. Through this partnership, we look forward to continuing to share this incredible place. We are grateful to Sandra and look forward to working with her and Will, continuing the legacy of Tag and Blacktail Ranch.

Sandra and Will at the ranch.

This new addition will allow us to offer year-round activities and genuine Montana experiences at the ranch and lodge throughout the entire year. Plus, with six guest cabins and seven lodge rooms, guests can enjoy cozy lodging at the base of the Continental Divide. And while we’re still working out some of the final details, Blacktail Ranch and Lodge will offer trail rides, special events, meetings, corporate retreats, weddings and shorter stays.

Sandra, Will, Bryar, Turk, Mady, Tucker and Amy at the lodge

And if you wonder what this means for our regular offerings of summer trips into Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness and guided hunting trips to White River and Lost Cabin? Rest assured that those will continue as they have for the last 45 years.

From our family to yours, we look forward to welcoming you to experience the best of Montana year-round. For the latest information, check out our website and follow us on Facebook. To help with a smooth transition, Sandra will be booking reservations for 2023. If you’re interested in learning more or booking your stay, call her at 406-235-4330.

Until next time,

The Mills Family