NEWS RELEASE: New Roving Trips in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness

Experienced Outfitter Expands Offerings to Include Full-Service and Stock-Supported Excursions in Montana

January, 2019—Augusta, Montana—Mills Wilderness Adventures, a family-owned and -operated outfitting business that offers backcountry pack trips in Montana—is offering brand-new custom roving trips in the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall wilderness areas for summer 2019.

“We’ve been operating in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex for more than 40 years,” said Tucker Mills, owner and manager of Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana. “These trips allow us to offer something new to our clients and provide them with a different way to see one of Montana’s most spectacular places.”

Two styles of roving trips are available in 2019—including full-service outfitted trips and stock-assisted excursions—from mid-June through August, with custom date options being offered to fit the needs of guests.

“With the new styles of roving trips being offered, it lets us give our guests options and flexibility when it comes to budget and physical activity,” added Mills. “On traditional full-service pack trips, we spend a lot of time on horses, while our new pack-supported trips allow for a more flexible experience that is ideal for hikers.”

Full-service trips vary in length from three to seven days, are designed for groups of four to 10 guests and include the use of a well-trained horse, meals, gear transport and experienced guides and wranglers. Trips five to seven days in length are $355 per person per day, while trips under five days are $400 per person per day.

Customized pack-supported trips are designed for groups of six to 10 guests and include a pack string that transports gear and supplies between camps, as well as guides and wranglers that cook meals, allowing guests to enjoy hiking the trails in Montana’s backcountry.

Pack-assisted trips are available in three to seven-day itineraries, with customized dates based on guest availability and group interest. Trips five to seven days in length are $210 per person per day, while trips five days and under are $255 per person per day.

For more information, or to inquire about date availability, call 800-560-3576 or visit