Our 5 Favorite Photos from July in Montana

It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost officially halfway through our summer season and so far we’ve completed three White River trips (and are in the middle of our fourth) and taken guests out on our new roving trips. While our trips keep our summer schedules packed to the brim (and believe us when we tell you that we love every minute of it), we still find plenty of opportunities to soak up the incredible moments and experiences we have every day.

And while we could tell you all about how gorgeous it is, we wanted to share our 5 favorite photos from July. 

1. This Light on the Chinese Wall

Our youngest Turk was on top of the Chinese Wall and snapped this photo. No filter, no edits. Just a perfect Montana moment.


2. Four Boy Scouts 51 Years Later

While we guide people from all over the world into The Bob, this trip was different because it was 51 years in the making. This group first went into The Bob as boy scouts with Art Weikum and has been dreaming of returning for years. We were honored to take them (and members of their family) on a trip back to White River and the Chinese Wall.


3. Tugg + Beargrass 

Our best boy Tugg standing among beargrass (which was gorgeous this year) in The Bob.


4. Our Loyal Companions 

We know this photo may not seem like anything special, but to us it will forever be one of our favorites. If you’ve done a trip with us, then you know our pups are our most loyal companions (we’ll forever miss our boy Huck) and are constantly by our sides.


5. White River Camp 

Horses + White River = two of our favorite things in one photo.


We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Montana in July and no matter where you are, we hope you’re soaking up every moment and creating memories.

Until next time, happy trails to you.

-The Mills Family

PS: If you’re interested in seeing The Bob for yourself, we are taking reservations for our 2020 trips. Learn more here, request a summer brochure or call us at 406-562-3576. If you do call us, give us a few days to get back to you as we’re in and out of The Bob for the rest of the summer.