Our Montana Boy Turk Turns 21

While we can hardly believe it, our baby boy officially turns 21 on February 25. To celebrate him, we want to share a little bit about this boy who keeps us on our toes. If you’ve been on one of our trips, you’ve met Turk as he is a constant during our season. To know Turk is to love him and his quick wit, fun spirit and a sparkle that never leaves his eyes. He’s quick to smile, quick to tease Tucker, quick to love his mama and quick to be his big brother Bryar’s biggest supporter.

To celebrate this 21st birthday and our boy, here are 21 of our favorite photos of Turk. 

Look at that sweet face. 😉
Turk and Bryar.
Amy holding Turk and Bryar with Tucker.
Oh Turk Turk.
As their mama, I’m freezing this photo in my mind forever.
Growing up to become the men they are today.
Tucker and Amy with Turk on top of the Chinese Wall.
We start our boys early on horseback.
Our fishing boy.
These two loves.
Turk and Amy.
Best buds forever.
Tucker and Turk.
Getting ready to wrangle at White River. Photo: Tommy Meyer
Grandpa Mark and Grandma Rene’ with the boys.
One of Turk’s senior photos; seems like yesterday.
My three favorite boys.
Turk doing what he loves the most.
Football + his King Ropes hat = love our boy.
If you know Turk, chances are you know that he LOVES his saws.
Turk and Tucker (who also happens to be where Turk gets some of his best facial expressions).

To our baby boy who has grown into a handsome, capable and smart young man, we love you always and are grateful for every moment and every day we get to work with you.

Happy 21 birthday,

-Mom, Dad and Bryar (and your brothers AKA the horses, mules and dogs)