• Warm Bedroll (cots furnished)
  • Air Mattress or Thin Foam
  • 2 Pair Hunting Boots
  • 2 Pair Wool Pants
  • Heavy Parka or Wool Coat
  • Long Johns
  • Fluorescent Orange Vest
  • Several Pair Wool Socks
  • Several Pair Gloves
  • Good Pair Mittens and Liners
  • Warm Cap
  • GORTEX Rain Gear or the equivalent (jacket AND pants)
  • Slippers or Sneakers
  • 2 water bottles
  • Flashlight
  • Hunting Knife
  • 1 Extra Rifle for group
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Compass
  • Hunting License
  • Camera and Film
  • Field Glasses
  • Daypack
  • Light Fishing Gear
  • Clear Protective eyewear for riding horses in the dark
  • Toenail and fingernail clippers
Please do not ask us to pack in suitcases or foam pads over 2” thick. Gun cases will be used to pack your rifle into White River. Lost Cabin hunters will have their gun in the scabbard for the ride in and out.  Please pack your gear in long duffel bags if possible.

We have strict Forest Service limits on the number of stock we can take on each trip. Because of this we must limit each hunter to 70 lbs. of gear, it will be weighed and if necessary you will have to weed out excess gear if you exceed the limit. This does not count your rifle.

We furnish scabbards and saddle bags. Please use them and do not bring your own.  If you carry a day pack in or out they will need to be under 10 lbs.  If you are hunting in White River, you will  not be riding with daypack from trailhead to camp first day nor on the ride out from White River to trailhead.

It is suggested you send the day packs in the loads rather than carry it on your back for the ride in to Lost Cabin as well.  Of course on hunting days you will want it but it must remain under 10 lbs. Our horses already work very hard and we will not allow any unnecessary weight added to you.

For those of you on the White River hunting trip your rifle will be packed in and out. It will not be with you on the saddle. The White River trip is a long way in and most of the ride goes through areas in which you may not hunt.