About the area

Located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, early rifle hunts in White River are unique in many ways. Our hunts offer one of the few opportunities to hunt bull elk with a rifle in the wilderness. Nothing is more exciting than bringing a bugling bull in! The Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana is the benchmark of the American Wilderness System, it is the biggest wilderness complex in Montana, and one of the largest in the United States.

The center of our wilderness operation is our base camp in the White River, just four miles from the Continental Divide. This camp is in close proximity to many well-known landmarks including the Chinese Wall, Needle Falls, Flathead Alps, Big Salmon Lake, Gladiator Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Turtle Head, Flat Iron and Cliff Creek. There are many other areas of interest nearby that are not as well-known, such as the “Lost World of Peggy Creek” offering an indescribable landscape.

This area affords good opportunities to see Montana wildlife in one of the most natural strongholds in North America. There are also many opportunities to fish for native cutthroat, both big and small.

About the hunts

The country is vast and beautiful, but also very challenging. Steep rough country is the norm. You do not have to be in peak physical condition, but the better shape you are in, the greater your chances will be, and will make your experience more enjoyable. Using the horses helps us tremendously in the area. We start from camp each morning an hour or two before daylight and try to reach our intended area for the day right about shooting light. Normally we will tie the horses and hunt on foot for the biggest portion of the day. Sometimes we continue on with the horses and cover more country, depending on the situation. When hunting on foot it is not uncommon to “set up” and work an area to try to bugle or cow call a bull in. Be prepared to hike then sit, then hike, then sit.

This hunt is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. This is a true wilderness adventure in one of the wildest areas to be visited.

We only offer fully guided hunts in this camp with a 2 hunters to 1 guide ratio. Your personal gear is all that is needed. The hunting gear list may be viewed on this site.

We offer free airport pickup and return to Great Falls. Flights need to arrive in Great Falls no later than 2 p.m. the day before the trip. If driving, you must arrive in Augusta no later than 3 p.m. After booking, we will send you hotel information for the day prior to your trip and the evening you ride out of the mountains. Meals are provided starting with the first day’s lunch and ending with the last day lunch. We are unable to accommodate riders weighing over 250 lbs.