Bob Marshall Wilderness Roving Trips

New for 2024, we’re expanding our backcountry wilderness offerings to include roving trips. Our roving trips, as the name implies, move camps during the trip, giving you the chance to overnight in different and beautiful places throughout the duration. They’re also shorter, making it easier to fit into your summer vacation plans.

We have a few types of trips available for this year, with highlights that include the Scapegoat Wilderness, Chinese Wall and the Sun River, all in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

Below are rates and dates for 2024 trips

June 20-23, June 26-29, July 2-5; Scapegoat – $2,400

Day one: Depart from Benchmark Trailhead and ride about 12 miles to Green Fork

Day two: Enjoy a day ride to Half Moon Park and take in the scenery under Scapegoat Mountain

Day three: Ride up to the head of Green Fork, with an opportunity to see the cave entrance and stunning waterfalls

Day four: Pack up and ride back to Benchmark Trailhead

July 9-12; Chinese Wall (short) – $2,400

Call 406-562-3576 for specific trip details

July 16-19; Chinese Wall (short) – $2,400

Call 406-562-3576 for specific trip details

July 23-29; West Fork to Chinese Wall – $3,675

Day one: Depart Benchmark Trailhead and ride 11 miles to the West Fork of Sun River

Day two: Layover and enjoy day ride to Prairie Reed Fire Lookout

Day three: Head to Moose Creek under the Chinese Wall, approximately 14 miles

Day four: Enjoy a day ride to Trick Pass; hike up to the top of the Chinese Wall

Day five: Ride to the West Fork of the Sun River, about 14 miles

Day six: Layover and ride up Indian Creek

Day seven: Depart for Benchmark Trailhead

August 1-7; North Fork to Chinese Wall – $3,675

Day one: Ride 18 miles to the North Fork of the Sun River; camp at the mouth of Cabin Creek

Day two: Layover day; enjoy a day ride to Elk Hill or Gates Park Ranger Station

Day three: Ride to Moose Creek under the Chinese Wall, about 18 miles

Day four: Layover and day ride to Trick Pass; hike to the top of the Chinese Wall

Day five: Ride to the West Fork of the Sun River, approximately 14 miles

Day six: Lay over; take a day ride up to Prairie Reef Fire Lookout

Day seven: Ride out to Benchmark Trailhead, about 10 miles

August 13-18; Sun River Fishing Trip – $3,475


If you’re ready to book, call us at 406-562-3576. You can also take a look at our weeklong pack trips to White River here.

*All trips require an additional U.S. Forest Service fee. $2,400 trips require an additional $72 fee; the $3,475 trips require an additional fee of $104.25; the $3,675 trips require an additional $110.25 fee. 

We offer free airport pickup and return to Great Falls. Flights need to arrive in Great Falls no later than 2 p.m. the day before the trip. If driving, you must arrive in Augusta no later than 3 p.m. After booking, we will send you hotel information for the day prior to your trip and the evening you ride out of the mountains. Meals are provided beginning with lunch on day one and through lunch on the last day.

We are unable to accommodate riders weighing over 250 pounds.


10% down for one year advance booking. Must be up to 50% by January 15 of the year your trip is scheduled. Payments are non-refundable. Final 50% payment pay options are credit card 7 days before your trip start date online, when paying via check the amount due is due in our mailbox 14 days prior to trip or cash only upon arrival. Failure to make timely payments will result in forfeiture of monies paid and the reservation will be cancelled without notice to said client. We will not refund any monies or re-book you on a future trip if requested for the following reasons:

  1. Cancellation by the client for any reason.
  2. Changes in camp location due to weather, water, drought, fire or any consequences of natural process.
  3. Changes in trip dates made by policy or order of the U.S. Forest Service, Governor, and other ranking authority.
  4. Price increases for airfare, insurance, equipment, etc.
  5. Our rider’s weight limit is 250lbs. in order not to overwork our beloved horses.  To protect your investment, we suggest that you buy an Adventure Travel Insurance Policy.  To view policy travel insurance coverage, click on the MOGA link to the left.  These policies are available to cover initial, secondary, and final payments, airfare, medical etc. In case something unexpected occurs to you, pandemic outbreaks, and civil insurrection or terror threats. Insurance is highly recommended for trips.