The following is a list of items we recommend for our summer pack trips.


  • 2 pair of long pants
  • Pair of shorts
  • 2 or 3 light sleeveless or t-shirts
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Changes of underwear and socks (heavy wool socks are good for hiking)
  • Pair of sneakers (in camp shoes)
  • Pair of water sandals
  • Warm sweater or heavy shirt
  • Wind resistant jacket
  • RAINPROOF raingear (including rain pants)
  • Down or fiberfill vest
  • Bandanna or neck scarf
  • Cap or hat (for the sun) If brimmed hat have stampede strings to keep hat on in wind
  • Pair of wool gloves
  • Long underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Riding helmet (suggested, not required)
  • Batteries for flashlights, camera, etc.
  • Long underwear for pj’s
  • Beanie for keeping your head warm at night


  • Sleeping bag: nights may be frosty…bring a warm one
  • Hiking boots; some kind of heel and no heavy tread is preferable for safety in the stirrup.  Plan to ride in these first day of trip as you will be doing some downhill hiking on rugged trails
  • Day pack (mostly for hikers)
  • Two 30 oz, water bottles one shoud be a
    filtering water bottle (has a filter in bottle) see next line click the Geo Press to go to Grayl website:
  • 24oz GeoPress® Purifier – Nature
  • Air mattress or thin pad: we recommend the ¾ length self-inflating mattress
  • Garbage bags (unless you have waterproof duffel). You may also choose to compartmentalize your duffel by clumping different categories of goods in separate bags.
  • Collapsible hiking pole follow link to the type we would like you to go to Amazon and search the below poles
    TheFitLife Collapsible Trekking Poles for Hiking – Lightweight Folding Walking Sticks for Men and Women with Extra-Long Foam Handle and Metal Flip Lock

  • Toenail and fingernail clippers
  • Recommended Size Duffel 25”L x 12-1/4”W x 21-1/2”H and of
    course as the gear list states, you do not
    have to fit sleeping bag and pad in duffel.
  • Camera, flashlight (little and light), headlamp, allergy medications, if needed
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Small notebook for journal
  • Washcloth, small hand towel and bath towel
  • Toiletries: contact lenses, toothbrush, floss, chap stick, medications etc.
  • Biodegradable shampoo and soap
  • Approximate duffel bag size: 25”L x 12-1/4 “W x 21-1/2” H
    and of course the sleeping bag DOES NOT have to fit in your duffel bag.  
  • Variety Pack Bilster Bandaids :


We ask that you keep your duffel to 30 lbs

Long duffel bags are best for packing.  Your 30 lbs should include your bedroll, but NOT your camera, rain gear and jacket (which will be attached to your saddle) and NOT one day’s set of clothes (which will be the clothes you ride in the first day).

DO NOT plan on wearing a backpack while riding.  Everything you have with you on the saddle should fit in the saddle bags provided.  If not then you will have to put excess in duffel.  Jackets can be rolled up and tied to the back of saddle.