2022 Schedule and Dates

White River

Early Rifle Bob Marshall Wilderness

**Season dates are the same from year to year**

  • Hunt I Sept 13 – 21: $6,125 per person (9 day)
  • Hunt II Sept 24 – Oct 2: $6,125 per person (9 day)
  • Hunt III Oct 5 – 13: $6,125 per person (9 day)
  • Hunt IV Oct 16 – 23: $6,125 per person (8 day)



Lodge Hunts 2022

        • $5950 per person
        • October 22- 28
        • October 31- November 6
        • November 9-15
        • November 18-24


General Season Scapegoat Wilderness

**Semi-Guided Hunts available in Lost Cabin Creek. See Drop Camp information below **

  • Hunt I   Oct 26 – Nov 2  :  $5,200 per person
  • Hunt II Nov 4 – Nov 11   : $5,200 per person
  • Hunt III Nov 14 – Nov 21: $5,200 per person
  • Hunt IV Nov 23 – Nov 30: $5,200 per person


Walk In Drop Camps

  General Season Scapegoat Wilderness

    • Hunt dates set when booking
    • 3-to-5-mile hike in
    • Hunters provide their own camp and gear
    • $350/day per pack animal (maximum of 75 lbs. a side, but bulk will play a part in loads too)
    • $400/day packer
    • 4 pack animal minimum
    • 1 packer per 6 pack animals
    • Additional packer required after 6 pack animals
    • Hunters pack all game to camp and pay per load if packed out by Mills for processing
    • Hunters may also pack game out (approx. 3 miles) from camp
    • Clients responsible for bear proofing of camp (bear boxes, electric fence or attended camp)
    • If Mills retrieve harvested game from kill site, the cost is $1200 and no guarantee we will be able to do it
    • Hunters must have a Garmin Explorer to communicate with Mills base camp
    • Hunters responsible for game processing and any trophy care



Prices subject to change

Cancellation Policy:  I acknowledge that in order to reserve a hunt a year or more in advance requires a ten percent (10%) down payment of the total hunt cost, and that a payment of forty percent (40%) of the total hunt cost is due by January 15th of the year in which I will hunt. I understand that another payment of thirty-five percent (35%) of the total hunt cost is due by May 1st of the hunting year, and that the final fifteen percent (15%) of the total hunt cost is due two weeks prior to my hunt or must be paid in cash upon arrival. I agree that all deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless I am unsuccessful in the draw process. I acknowledge that failure to make any of the installments or apply for a license and preference point by the Fish, Wildlife and Park deadline will result in forfeiture of all monies paid and my reservation spot will be filled. I understand that my license must be applied for by the Fish, Wildlife and Park deadline, and that Mills will keep me informed of application dates as they are announced. I acknowledge that the cost of a license is set by Fish, Wildlife and Park of Montana and is not included in the cost of the hunt.  I understand I must purchase all available preference points with Fish, Wildlife and Park of Montana for an outfitted hunter.  I understand that Mills will assist me with the process of applying for my hunt license, and that they strongly recommend travel insurance in the event my hunt is cancelled.

Payments have a 3% convenience fee if paid with credit card.