Here’s What We’re Thankful For in 2020

This year has been unlike any other. We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Our country is divided. Wildfires have ripped through the United States. A beloved and historic hotel in our town of 300 burned to the ground. And while there have been so many hard and contentious things about 2020, at Mills Wilderness Adventures we’re also grateful.

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the finger pointing, opinion sharing and chaos that seems to be everywhere. So instead, we’re choosing the good. We’re looking for kindness. And we’re making the choice to do our best to make this world a better place by loving and supporting our fellowmen and women as we continue to live, mourn, celebrate, find joy and grieve with one another.

As we move rapidly into November, we want to share what we’re grateful for.

1. Our guests. 
We cannot express fully what it means to our family that you trust us enough to take you into Montana’s wilderness and share this way of life with you, while allowing us to introduce you to the most beautiful place in the world. There are so many vacations and experiences to choose from, and it’s our privilege to take you on summer pack trips and guided hunting trips. You make what we do possible and we appreciate you so much.

2. Bryar and Turk.  
Oftentimes, Tucker and I pinch ourselves that our boys (Bryar and Turk) have chosen to work alongside us. If you’ve met them, you know they have two strong and distinct personalities, neither of which we would trade for anything in the world. As their parents, it’s been a joy to watch them grow from boys to men and we’re so proud of them. And while we don’t say it enough, it makes our hearts full that they’re choosing to carry on the tradition of outfitting in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness.

3. Our crew.
While the four of us are most often at the forefront, we are blessed with some of the best crew around. To our packers, helpers, guides and Mark and Rene’ (Amy’s parents), we could absolutely not function without each of you. You help keep us sane when we’re busy, make sure our guests and their gear get in safety and so much more. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of Mills Wilderness Adventures.

4. Augusta, Montana.
If you’ve been on a trip with us, you’ve spent at least a handful of hours in our little mountain town of Augusta. While our population is small, our spirit is strong. Surrounded by beautiful mountain views and sweeping plains in every direction, the people who live here are just as wonderful as the natural landscapes that can be seen no matter where you look. And while we don’t always see eye to eye, at the end of the day Augusta is full of people who care deeply about one another and work to make this place wonderful, safe and welcoming.

5. God and country. 
We know our country is divided, perhaps more than its ever been. But we also know that we love the United States of America and will stand by it until the end. While we’re not a perfect country and mistakes are made often by all of us (after all, we’re human), we know there is nowhere else in the world we’d rather be. We choose to make our home here and we choose to acknowledge that the work and love of God is all around us, especially when we may not see it.

To all of you, thank you for being part of our lives. May we look for the good, may we be the good and may we lift one another up, care for each other and take each day on this beautiful, complicated and loving world as a gift.

With gratitude and thanksgiving,

The Mills Family