An All-Inclusive Vacation in the Backcountry of Montana

While we’re in the Bob Marshall Wilderness on our first trip of the summer, we want to share more about our pack trips and the all-inclusive aspect of an adventure in the heart of Montana. When it comes to an experience that combines untouched wilderness, Montana’s backcountry, epic views, horseback trail rides and an unfiltered […]

A Peek at a Horse (and Mule) Drive Through Augusta, Montana

In early June, we were busy prepping for our upcoming summer season and one of the tasks on our seemingly endless to-do list was moving our horses and mules from winter pasture to their spring/summer pasture where we keep them when they’re not working away in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. As you can […]

Mule Strings + Montana

While we may not talk about it as much as we should, some of the most integral members of our team are, you guessed it, our mules. It’s interesting as well, because while some people think of stock as simply animals, we genuinely view them as part of our family. They each have their own […]